The eagle-eyed tech enthusiasts from DroneNR have a knack for unearthing gems. In the latest discovery, the highly-anticipated DJI Pocket 3, a camera with state-of-the-art gimbal technology, has found its way into the Spotlight, thanks to some deep diving into the DJI Mimo app.

Inside the Mimo App

The DJI Mimo app, a platform used for camera control and editing, has been a goldmine for new product hints recently.

After uncovering information about the upcoming DJI Osmo Mobile 7, the community stumbled upon multiple references to the yet-unreleased “DJI Pocket 3”.

Although the name “Pocket 3” wasn’t directly mentioned, there were clear indicators pointing towards it. Three unique references appeared, each in a different language: Indonesian, Polish, and Thai.

One intriguing string was found:

In The Latest Discovery, The Highly-Anticipated Dji Pocket 3, A Camera With State-Of-The-Art Gimbal Technology, Has Found Its Way Into The Spotlight, Thanks To Some Deep Diving Into The Dji Mimo App.

When translated to English, it provides clear instructions: “Remove the smartphone adapter from the universal port on the DJI Pocket 3. Connect the…