In the ever-evolving tech realm, surprises abound. The latest twist? The discovery of the DJI Osmo Mobile 7 (DJI OM 7) in the DJI Mimo app.

The DJI OM 7 would be the newest addition to DJI’s mobile gimbal lineup. For those unfamiliar, mobile gimbals are gadgets that steady your smartphone, ensuring smooth, cinematic-quality videos.

The DJI Mimo app, in its recent update (version 1.10.4), discreetly hints at the OM 7, particularly concerning its playback feature. This clue, combined with another mention of the previously leaked DJI Pocket 3, left tech enthusiasts buzzing.

“A yet-to-be-released mobile gimbal from DJI,” DroneNR reports. “A surprising find as there has been very little talk of the upcoming gimbal, and a lack of leaks that we come to expect with the launch of a new DJI product.”

Historically, DJI products tend to make a splash before their official release. But the OM 7 seems to be an exception. Apart from a singular mention back in January…