Vevor 296Wh|300W Power Station

Power stations have improved drastically in recent years and have become more and more used for outdoor activities as they are much more portable than gas generators. In this review, we will have a closer look at the Vevor 300W mini solar generator that is great for powering your laptop and charging family phones and other gear while you are camping.


The storage capacity of this Vevor power station is 296Wh (20Ah/14.8V), and that is definitely on the lower end of the spectrum when it comes to being a power station. The max 300W output power is enough only to power smaller appliances and low-power tools. Without a UPS mode, it is not suitable as a backup power source for the recirculation pump of your house’s heating system. Instead, the small size and just 3kg weight make it the perfect way to carry it around, which is made easier because of the foldable handle at the top.

Its built-in sine wave inverter’s efficiency is 85% (DC to AC conversion),…