Though still not officially acknowledged by maker DJI, it’s become apparent through a series of rich leaks by online tech sleuths that the company’s Mini 4 Pro is en route to stores – an anticipated arrival further backed up by rumored prices for the drone that were shared today.

Reliable leaker Igor Bogdanov of @Quadro_News has been the source of the lion’s share of confidential DJI product information spread online over the past year, and he has now added list prices of Mini 4 Pro packages to the other in-name-only rumors he’s obtained about the craft.

When the company’s latest drone finally hits shelves – a timing yet to be revealed by either DJI or those sneaking dirt from it to dish ahead of schedule – Bogdanov says Mini 4 Pro purchase options will run from €799 to €1,129, or about $857 to $1,211. 

Referring to a series of leaks on Huwei watches he posted earlier, Bogdanov said: