Review Teledyne FLIR SIRAS Webinar, drone news of the week,Teledyne FLIR new drone, cybersecurity for dronesWhat do users care about when purchasing a drone?  Teledyne FLIR, producers of the SIRAS commercial platform,  surveyed more than 700 drone professionals to find out.

As some state and local governments follow federal agencies in limiting the use of foreign-made drone technology, commercial users are increasingly concerned about data security, survey data indicates.

“Data security not only represents one of the top considerations when purchasing a drone platform, but a strong majority (67 percent) of the survey respondents worry that unknown entities could access the data they capture and manage from drones,” says the survey report.

“More specifically, 69 percent of survey respondents said they are somewhat to extremely concerned ‘that data captured by your drone program might be accessible to foreign governments or other entities that might be considered hostile to your organization/work.’”

“I believe that the Survey shows…