We already know from FCC filings that DJI is prepping to release a new sub-250-gram, Mini 4 Pro. However it appears that would not be the only drone DJI could launch in North America this month. The tech giant has also completed the FCC paperwork to bring two new Agras agriculture drones, T50 and T25, to the US market.

To be clear, Agras T50 and Agras T25 are not new DJI products. These drones were released in China last year and have proven incredibly successful for field spraying, fertilizer spreading, fruit tree spraying, and other agricultural applications. In the US, the agriculture drones will succeed the previous-generation T40 and T20P models.

dji agras t50 agriculture drone
DJI Agras T50 agriculture drone

The T50 features a coaxial dual-rotor design and is equipped with 54-inch blades and high-power electronic speed controllers (ESCs). The drone can support a spreading capacity of 50 kg or a spraying load of 40 kg.

The T50’s spreading flow rate has been improved…


Source: dronedj.com