In a revelation for the U.S. solar industry, Zeitview, a front-runner in advanced energy inspections and previously known as DroneBase, disclosed that 51% of large-scale U.S. solar plants are in top-notch condition. This data comes after Zeitview’s comprehensive manned aviation surveys and drone inspections, known as the North American Solar Scan, reviewed over 90% of U.S. solar power plants of 1 MW or bigger.

These findings offer a fresh perspective on the renewable energy sector, especially at a time when solar energy is booming as America’s fastest-growing renewable source.

Highlights from Zeitview’s Manned and Unmanned Inspections

The nationwide scan by Zeitview, shared after their recent acquisition of Heliolytics, indicates several insightful trends:

  • 51% of the U.S. fleet is in excellent or good operational condition, meaning an asset rating of BBB or higher.
  • 47% of Large-Scale U.S. Solar Plants require varying degrees of service to obtain a ‘good’ or…