Open conversation with FAA, FAA keynote, Commercial UAV Expo

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This morning in Las Vegas, the Commercial UAV keynote address was an open conversation with the FAA,  moderated by Commercial Drone Alliance Executive Director Lisa Ellman.

At Commercial UAV Expo, the FAA has been present and available: at the booth, in sessions, and on stage.  Following the news that the Biden administration has officially nominated FAA veteran Mike Whitaker to the top position at the agency, FAA representatives Jeffrey Vincent, Executive Director for the Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Integration Office in Aviation Safety (AVS), and Brandon Roberts, Executive Director, Office of Rulemaking took the stage to address the drone industry’s pressing questions.

“It’s a New Day” at the FAA

An Open Conversation with the FAA, Commercial UAV Expo keynote

Jeffrey Vincent, FAA

Jeffrey Vincent responded to a question about the pace of drone integration by recognizing that the agency has struggled to respond to the drone industry in the past.  Vincent says that the agency is making major…