Canadian drone hardware and systems company Draganfly is extending the operational capacities of its Commander 3 XL UAV with the introduction of a hybrid-powered version that prolongs the craft’s flight time up to three hours.

Draganfly unveiled its new Commander 3 XL Hybrid drone at the Commercial UAV Expo in Las Vegas this morning. The company introduced the original version of the UAV during the same event in 2022, likening its utility and versatility to a Swiss Army knife. The addition of a fuel injection system more than triples the craft’s previous battery-powered flight capacity while carrying four kilograms of payload.

Though the Commander 3 XL has found a healthy response among enterprise clients, its benefits in toting relatively heavy loads in even hostile settings has made it particularly alluring to the police, fire, emergency, and other first responder services Draganfly has worked closely with in recent months.