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Skyfish M4

Today, Sony launched their newest offering: an ultra-lightweight, interchangeable lens professional camera designed for industrial applications.  As Sony exhibits the new camera at Commercial UAV Expo this week, US drone manufacturer Skyfish will be demonstrating the Sony payload in action.  The first drone manufacturer to support the new ultra-compact camera with Sony’s new SDKs, Skyfish has been able to leverage the technology to the fullest for stunning, engineering-grade results.

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The ILX-LR1: High Resolution, Compact Body

Sony ILX-LR1, Skyfish Sony’s new ILX-LR1 is designed for industrial use: an interchangeable lens camera with approximately a 61-megapixel 35 mm full-frame image sensor. “With high resolution and in a lightweight, compact form, it is ideal for inspection, investigation, surveying, and mapping by drone,” says the Sony press release.

The ILX-LR1 is small, lightweight, and designed for integration with…