The Drone Industry is buzzing with discussions about the upcoming Remote ID deadline set for September 16. Many in the community feel there’s insufficient time for everyone to comply. Among these voices, the Pilot Institute, a significant player and neutral industry observer, has conducted a comprehensive survey on the community’s readiness for the looming deadline.

Remote ID Readiness Survey Findings

Greg Reverdiau, Co-Founder of the Pilot Institute, emphasizes their unique position in the industry. They sent a poll out to their customers and asked our industry connections and community groups to help share the survey.

From the 2,081 responses collected, the results indicate a community partially unprepared for the Remote ID requirements:

  • 49% stated they already have a drone equipped with Standard Remote ID.
  • 51% revealed a need for at least one Remote ID module.
  • 10% said they’d rely on flying a sub-0.55 lbs drone under the recreational exemption.
  • 5% would…