Remote ID is a feature that allows a drone in flight to provide its identification and location information to other parties. The FAA likens it to a “digital license plate” for a drone. Most drones operating in the US airspace are required by law to have this capability. But which drone models manufactured by Autel Robotics have been approved by the FAA for adequate compliance with the Remote ID law?

The FAA’s Remote ID rule applies to all drone operators in the US, with the following exemptions:

  • You fly a drone that weighs less than 250g, such as the Autel EVO Nano, and you fly it only for recreation purposes.
  • You fly a drone at an FAA-Recognized Identification Area (FRIA). These FRIAs will be your traditional model airplane fields where hobbyists have gathered and flown safely for decades.

Now, a drone can either have Remote ID capabilities built-in, or it could be outfitted with an external device to ensure compliance. Autel…