Jordanian Authorities Shoot Down DJI Drone Carrying Crystal Meth

On Monday, Jordan’s vigilant authorities swiftly shot down a DJI drone attempting to smuggle drugs over its eastern borders. This marks the fourth time such an incident has occurred in a single month.

The DJI drone was not carrying just any Contraband; it was loaded with crystal meth. As the Jordanian army pointed out, crystal meth is a synthetic drug, often manufactured secretly in hidden labs.

Speaking about the incident, the military stated, “The Border Guard forces, in co-ordination with the narcotics control department and the military security services, monitored an attempt by an unmanned drone to illegally cross the border from Syrian territory to Jordanian territory, and it was shot down inside Jordanian territory.”

According to the original report from The National, Jordan consistently reveals its active operations against the illicit smuggling of arms and drugs from neighboring Syria….