DJI is releasing a new Mini 4 drone this fall. And it could be coming sooner than you think!

DJI has had a consistent calendar of product launches over the years and the Mini Series of drones perfectly illustrates that. The first Mini, the Mavic Mini was launched in October 2019, a few months prior to CES 2020. The first sub-250 gram micro-drone that boasted quality and features that rivaled much more expensive drones, it quickly found a spot in most drone users kits.

One year later DJI dropped the “Mavic” moniker from the name when it brought the Mini 2 to market in November 2020. Mini 2 had upgraded specs like 4K/30 video, 8GB on board memory and 31 minute flight time.

Then a global pandemic stalled the product release plans for just about every company on Earth.

DJI kept plugging away at the Mini Series knowing that we’d get back to normal eventually. And that ‘normal’ arrived in the spring of 2022 when the Mini 3 was released, followed by the Mini 3 Pro roughly six…