DJI is rolling out a new firmware update for its latest all-around drone, Air 3. The update comes with a bunch of bug fixes.

Aircraft firmware version 01.00.0400 is now available to download for the DJI Air 3. Additionally, the remote controller firmware has been bumped up to v01.00.06.00 for the DJI RC 2, which features an in-built display screen, and to v01.00.04.00 for the DJI RC-N2.

The DJI Fly app, however, has not been updated by the tech giant. But you would want to check the camera settings in the app after updating the firmware since they would likely have been reset to default.

The official release notes supplied by DJI do not mention specifically which issues are being resolved by the new firmware, but some users have reported better camera performance after the update. It’s worth mentioning that the Air 3 features dual cameras, both equipped with 1/1.3-inch sensors, to capture 48MP photos and 4K/60fps HDR videos.

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