The city of Kelowna contacted InDro Robotics for assistance with aerial data as the threat to the city reached urgent levels.

“We wanted to leverage the potential of drones to gather critical information that can’t be obtained through other means,” says Jazz Pabla, Kelowna’s Director of Information Services. “This mission also worked closely, and with the full support of, Kelowna’s Fire Department.”

InDro is a research and development company with deep expertise in aerial and ground robotics and a history of working with First Responders.

“We were obviously keen to help as quickly as possible,” says CEO Philip Reece. “To complement our own expertise, I felt that Spexigon would be the most suitable platform for rapidly gathering high-resolution imagery.”

One very unique feature of the mission was the use of Spexigon, a new app-based platform that allows automated flights using readily available commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) drones.  “Capturing…