Pointivo CEO Dan Cipriani, Pointivo Asset Inspection

  1. Dan Ciprari is CEO of Pointivo, the company providing the algorithms and technology behind some of the largest in-house drone-based asset inspection programs in the country.  As Pointivo expands their portfolio to include complete products sold under their own label, the Pointivo name is becoming more prevalent in asset inspection and data analytics.

Dan Ciprari, CEO Pointivo

DRONELIFE had the opportunity to speak with Dan about how Pointivo developed, why he chose to invest in drone technology, and how the space is evolving.

Analytics: the Biggest Challenge, the Biggest Value Add

Dan had sold a previous venture and was in “give-back mode,” coaching other entrepreneurs with a local incubator at Georgia Tech’s Advanced Technology Development Center, ATDC, when he met Pointivo co-founder Habib Fathi, now the Chief Science Officer, leading Pointivo’s AI team.  Fathi invented Pointivo’s foundational capabilities before commercial drone use became…


Source: dronelife.com