During the high-octane events of the Manx Grand Prix, a motorcycle fan got a hefty fine for operating a drone where it shouldn’t have been. Thomas Rudd, a 25-year-old, faced a £3,000 ($3,788) penalty for flying his device near the Ballaugh Bridge area on Sunday.

Given the excitement surrounding the race, such a careless act stood out, raising significant concerns about the safety of those present.

The regulations around the race are clear-cut: Drones shouldn’t be flown within 0.6 miles of the TT course, especially during qualifying and race periods.

Breaking this rule can have severe consequences, as it can interfere with the race and “lead to disaster,” as Deputy High Bailiff Rachel Braidwood emphasized.

Indeed, imagine a motorcycle roaring down the track at high speeds and encountering a drone—the outcome would be catastrophic.

The incident came to light when race control was notified of a drone in operation around 16:15 BST, just before the Senior MGP…


Source: dronexl.co