Ukraine’s latest unveiling – a 20-foot-long Underwater drone named Marichka – is set to significantly challenge Russia’s naval dominance in the Black Sea. This innovative marine tech is aimed directly at Russian warships, signaling a new chapter in maritime warfare.

Traditionally, Ukraine’s method to counter Putin’s Black Sea fleet relied heavily on surface naval drones. However, the introduction of Marichka has the potential to shift this paradigm.

As the Specialist defense platform, Navalnews pointed out, “Marichka will hit the ships on the underwater part, which can be even more destructive for the warships.” The same source emphasized the difficulty of defending against these “suicide underwater uncrewed vehicles.”

Previously, Ukraine had showcased a smaller submarine drone, the Toloka. The British newspaper, The Telegraph, indicates that its exact deployment against Russian vessels remains unconfirmed.

However, the capabilities of Marichka stand…