Sustainable Skylines FAA Approval Banner AdvertisingSustainable Skylines Secures first-ever FAA authorization for Drones to Tow Full-Size Advertising Banners 

by DRONELIFE Staff Writer Walker Robinson

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Sustainable Skylines has been awarded the first-ever authorization by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for drones to tow full-size advertising banners. This decision is the result of a decade-long campaign for regulatory approval for utilizing drones in aerial advertising. Advert-towing drones are safer, more environmentally friendly, and more flexible than their traditional manned airplane counterparts.

Sustainable Skylines, an industry leader in full-size drone advertising banner towing operations, will launch their banner towing drones over Miami Beach, Florida. Leveraging computer vision, data analytics, and real-time flight footage Sustainable Skylines offers their advertising clients actionable insights into how to best utilize their advertising. With the benefits of…