Commercial UAV Expo 2023Want to learn more about the drone industry? This list is only a smattering of the great opportunities to hear from thought leaders and discuss current issues in commercial drones!  Here are some of the drone industry events offered during the week of August 28 – September 3, 2023.

MONDAY, August 28:

  • Skydio Fly Days, August 28 – 31 in Louisiana, Montana, and Mississippi
  • Full Crew with special guests Manoel Coehlo, CEO Speedbird Aero & Trent Teyema, CEO CSG Strategies, 11 AM ET.

TUESDAY, August 29:

WEDNESDAY, August 30:

THURSDAY, August 31:

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  • Commercial UAV Expo is coming up!  September 5 – 7 in Las Vegas.
  • Amsterdam Drone Week, U-space: CIS paving the way towards airspace integration, September 5.
  • DroneMasters’ Meetup, September 6.
  • FAA Safety Team, FAA Reauthorization Act Preview, September 6, 7 PM ET.
  • Skydio’s ASCEND User Conference, September 20
  • SPH Engineering, Offline Event, Geophysical and Other…