Last month, the Sacramento Police Department provided insights into the military gear they possess, including DJI drones, and the new equipment they’re eyeing. This disclosure follows Assembly Bill 481, a law signed by Gov. Gavin Newsom in September 2021, directing the department to report its military inventory transparently.

Currently, the department owns military gear worth $4.5 million. Their wish list for the upcoming year? An additional $360,000, which includes 18 M4-89 rifles, specially for their SWAT team. But they won’t just get it without oversight. The new law means they need a nod from the City Council before any military acquisition.

Wanting to involve the community in these decisions, the Sacramento Community Police Review Commission held meetings in July, inviting public opinions. The police department also launched an anonymous survey in five languages, allowing locals to share their thoughts until the end of this week. Check it out here: