In a concerning event in New Ipswich, a drone recently interfered with the timely departure of a medical helicopter. The incident occurred on a Wednesday night when the aftermath of a motorcycle and pickup truck collision had emergency responders racing against time.

The motorcyclist, identified as 32-year-old Jessica Westover from Fitchburg, Massachusetts, had sustained severe injuries. Fire Chief Gary Somero highlighted the urgency, stating that the medical helicopter was critical for transporting the injured motorcyclist. However, it remained grounded due to a hovering drone.

One of the First Responders voiced the urgency, saying, “This helicopter isn’t leaving until that thing is on the ground, so we need to figure it out.”

Remarkably, the drone, equipped with flashing red and green lights, was easily spotted in the dark night. Officials speculated that the drone’s operator might have launched it after observing the helicopter land.

Soon after, New…