An 18-year-old hiker’s nightmare unfolded when he went missing in Crowders Mountain State Park. However, thanks to alert fellow hikers and modern DJI Drone Technology, a silver lining appeared on Thursday when officers and park rangers rescued him from a potentially life-threatening situation.

The missing teen’s vehicle, discovered in the park, triggered the alarm, initiating an intensive search operation. But the real breakthrough came when fellow hikers, who hike the mountain daily, picked up distressing calls for help.

Dji Drone And Alert Hikers: The Rescue On Crowders Mountain 2

Haskle Good Jr., one of the hikers on the scene, recounted, “About two hills up you can hear somebody yelling, ‘help, water.’” Haskle and his friends didn’t just pass by. He emphasized, “It’s something your parents raised you to do. Just always do the right thing and look out for each other.”

This critical information, shared with the authorities, significantly streamlined the search. But the terrain was challenging, covering miles…