Bali is a captivating destination, offering countless opportunities for breathtaking visuals. But, what if you only had a week to explore its magic? Armed with the DJI Air 3 drone, Chris Rogers set out to answer that question.

The Mission

The aim was clear: “Capture as many epic things as you can on the DJI A3.” From dramatic scooter rides along rice fields to thrilling surfs with volcanoes in the backdrop, every shot was meticulously planned.

As described by our filmmaker, “What’s going to happen is Regan’s going to drive along this path along the rice fields… and then on the drop of the music, a wave is going to crash over.”

The Execution

The process of capturing each scene was multifaceted. For a surfing shot, there was a distinct vision: “using the 70 mil medium tele camera we can film from a distance and compress the image so the volcano looks pretty large behind the surfer.”