A flagship Russian supersonic jet, the Tupolev Tu-22, was reportedly destroyed by a Ukrainian Drone Strike, with photos of the flaming aircraft emerging on social platforms. According to the BBC and Ukrainian media outlets, the aircraft, which had been significantly involved in missile strikes against Ukraine, was engulfed in flames.

The BBC pinpointed the burning wreckage to be south of St. Petersburg after analyzing the visuals against archived satellite imagery of the location.

While Russia’s defense ministry did confirm an airstrike on a military airfield in the Novgorod region, leading to a fire and damage to one warplane, they haven’t commented directly on these recent images.

The ministry clarified, “As a result of the terrorist attack on the territory of the airfield, a fire broke out in the parking lot of aircraft, which was quickly eliminated by Firefighters. One aircraft was damaged.”

This isn’t an isolated incident. The New Voice of Ukraine shared…


Source: dronexl.co