Terra, the all-in-one drone mapping solution from DJI, has received a new firmware update. Version 3.8.0 of the software packs in several new features including a revamped workflow for cluster reconstruction. And as always, many existing features have been optimized, and occasional issues fixed.

Here’s everything you need to know about DJI Terra’s latest firmware update…

What’s new in DJI Terra

  • Support for generating DEM during LiDAR point cloud reconstruction.
  • Updated workflow for cluster reconstruction. DJI Terra drone mapping software now supports multiple worker devices on the same computer. Worker devices can be added or deleted automatically, and more information about the devices can be displayed.
  • Cluster output file directory can now be set to DOS directory of network drive, such as “Z: \DJI\Terra”, allowing access to worker devices.
  • Updated layout of Quality Report for LiDAR Point Cloud.
  • Help Center now redirects…


Source: dronedj.com