In an era where drone usage is increasingly common, the Netherlands is stepping up its counter-drone defense game. The country has sealed a $55 million deal with Israel’s Elbit Systems to beef up its aerial security.

Recent wars, like the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine, have seen drones play a significant role. Thus, this purchase by the Netherlands signals a proactive move to stay prepared.

Elbit’s role? Over the next four years, they’ll be arming the European nation with their advanced ReDrone counter-unmanned aerial system technology.

As the Dutch Defense Ministry highlighted, this high-tech equipment is set to be stationed at the nation’s air bases and the Den Helder naval port. The goal? To provide robust protection against drones weighing up to 44 pounds. Beyond military applications, the ministry conveyed that these systems are also pivotal for safeguarding vital non-military assets.

Specifically, they stated that “the counter-UAS systems…