In recent events surrounding the tensions between Russia and Ukraine, the Russian Defense Ministry reported that two Ukrainian drones ‘found’ themselves in Russian airspace and were swiftly brought down over the Moscow region.

Residents of Krasnogorsk, a town in Moscow’s vicinity, experienced minor damage to their living spaces. An eyewitness recounted damage to tiles on a high-rise building and a few shattered windows.

Onlookers below noted that the falling debris damaged cars, smashing their windshields. The Police soon sealed off the area, and fragments, believed to be from the drones, were collected by officials from Russia’s FSB security service.

Ukraine has not made any comments regarding this event. It’s worth noting that Ukraine rarely directly acknowledges drone strikes on Russian territory. However, since two of their drones were shot down over the Kremlin this past May, such attacks have become more frequent.

These airborne skirmishes have caused…