In northern Vermont, a 2-year-old boy went missing, sparking immediate concern. The child disappeared from Creager Road in Montgomery on Monday night.

His worried family believed he “had walked away from their home and possibly gone into the woods,” initiating a frantic search when they couldn’t locate him.

State Police jumped into action, joining hands with Swanton Village police. Not only did the latter bring in their K9 unit, but the state police also called upon their Unmanned Aircraft Systems Team and Search and Rescue Team. The Montgomery Fire Department wasn’t far behind, sending units to scour the area.

The turning point came when the drone team leaped into action. Shortly after takeoff, the drone’s pilot “was able to identify a heat signature in the woods nearby.” Thanks to this vital clue, state troopers honed in on the location, reuniting the missing toddler with his family.

State police reportedly confirmed that the child was given a health…