A recent landing at Nice Airport, France, might have been more eventful than anticipated. On August 18th, an Airbus A380-800, flying as flight EK77 from Dubai to Nice under Emirates Airlines, might’ve collided with a “large drone,” according to the Aviation Safety Network.

The aftermath? The mammoth double-decker aircraft showed visible damage on the part of its leading wing edge. The situation led to the grounding of the aircraft and the consequent cancellation of its return flight to Dubai. The damaged wing component has since been replaced.

The French investigation agency BEA has taken up the matter. They’ve confirmed that they’re “investigating the incident,” but at this juncture, they cannot unequivocally confirm if a drone was actually involved.

As the situation unfolds, the aircraft remains at the Nice airport, and the alleged drone operator remains unidentified.

This isn’t an isolated incident of drones and airplanes crossing paths. Reports often…


Source: dronexl.co