Advanced Air Mobility pioneer EHang (NASDAQ: EH) has announced two significant milestones in the journey towards type certification of the EH216-S passenger drone.

Final Testing Complete

EHang has now completed the final flight tests required in the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) type certification (TC) process for the EH216-S.  The process has taken 31 months – but EHang says that they expect to receive type certification soon, having finished the last stage of the evaluation with flights to demonstrate and verify compliance with regulations.

Ranging from battery, environment, material, strength, electronics, software, data link to ground control station, we have sufficiently proved that EH216-S meets the safety standards and airworthiness requirements by the CAAC, through scientific approaches, multi-angle demonstrations, rigorous testing, and continuous optimizations.

As an innovative product for urban air mobility, EH216-S stick to three…