In San Francisco’s bustling neighborhoods, illegal dumpers operate under the cover of darkness, thinking no one sees them. However, Chula Camps, the proprietor of Dogfork Lamp Arts, has been observing the careless discarding of waste around her business space for a decade.

“It’s frustrating because it doesn’t look good for our business,” Camps expressed.

Her concern mirrors that of many in District 10, who have long been frustrated with the mounting garbage problem and have been crying out for surveillance cameras.

Rachel Gordon, a spokesperson from the San Francisco Department of Public Works (DPW), mentioned that while surveillance cameras are being reviewed, the city has plans for an eye in the sky. She revealed that a novel drone initiative, coupled with Artificial Intelligence (AI), is on the horizon, focusing on notorious dumping zones.

Enter Brian Johnson, the brains behind this innovative solution. The Bayview local and founder of the startup,