There’s a stir in the drone community as curious images and videos keep emerging. Who is the mastermind behind these leaks? Igor Bogdanov, popularly known as @Quadro_News. He’s been giving us glimpses of an enigmatic DJI drone. What’s most intriguing? This drone doesn’t seem to have any foldable parts!

From the shared images, it’s evident that this new drone incorporates hardware from the DJI Matrice 30 or M30 drone that was released last year.

The buzz among industry experts suggests this could be a new effort from DJI in the commercial and industrial drone sectors. Possibly to work with the DJI Dock introduced in Las Vegas at DJI’s Airworks event last year.

This mysterious new DJI drone could be a stripped-down, purpose-focused drone aimed at commercial and enterprise applications such as aerial stockpile inspections or repeated construction surveys.

In one of the leaked photos, we see two prototypes of the new drone next to the DJI Mavic…