NC DOT BVLOS Waiver Remote Drone Operations, drones for constructionNC DOT Wins FAA Waiver for Remote, BVLOS Ops at Construction Sites

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NC has been a leader in advancing drone operations.  Now, the NC DOT announces an FAA waiver to remotely launch and fly drones beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) to inspect the agency’s construction projects.

The Department will use a drone dock, or drone-in-a-box, solution from US drone manufacturer Skydio.  NC DOT will place weather proof drone stations on sight at construction projects across the state, using them to remotely monitor the sites and provide progress reports to stakeholders.

The waiver will help the agency to realize the value of drone imagery at a greater scale, with lower costs.

“This FAA waiver allows us to monitor project sites from anywhere, anytime, without the need for drone pilots to drive to sites and set up drone systems to capture and stream images,” said Becca Gallas, director of the NCDOT’s Division of Aviation, which manages…