Alphabet’s Wing, known for its innovative drone delivery system, is taking to the skies of Europe to bring crucial medical supplies straight to hospitals and patients. Teaming up with Apian, a UK-based drone start-up specializing in medical deliveries, the partnership is set to revolutionize healthcare delivery, starting in Dublin, Ireland.

Imagine receiving vital medicines, laboratory samples, or other medical necessities at your doorstep without the hassle of traffic or delays. That’s the future Wing and Apian are working towards.

Their drones are poised to take off in parts of South Dublin, with an eye to serve regions in the UK eventually.

“This efficient network, leveraging Wing’s aircraft and automation, will serve to improve the patient experience while reducing traffic congestion and emissions in the community,” affirmed Shannon Nash, Chief Financial Officer of Wing.

The company isn’t entirely new to Europe. Wing made its mark last year when it…