DJI has officially entered the delivery and logistics market with the launch of a new drone in China today. The just-released FlyCart 30 is the tech giant’s first-ever carrier drone and it comes with two modes of delivery: a cargo box and a winch crane system.

DJI FlyCart 30: Features and specs

The new DJI FlyCart 30 delivery drone adopts a 4-axis, 8-propeller multi-rotor configuration with a maximum payload capacity of 30 kg in dual battery mode and a maximum range of 16 km with a full load. Equip the drone with only one battery, and you can increase the payload capacity to 40 kg.

But dual batteries are recommended because they are a part of the drone’s redundancy system. If one battery fails during a delivery operation, the other can take over and ensure the aircraft’s safe return.

Additional safety features include intelligent obstacle avoidance, dual radar, an ADS-B signal receiver, and a built-in parachute system for controlled…