The London Heliport Altitude Angel UTMAltitude Angel’s Approval Services Platform Deployed by The London Heliport

by DRONELIFE Staff Writer Ian M. Crosby

UTM (Unified Traffic Management) technology leader Altitude Angel has announced that The London Heliport will be deploying its Approval Services platform. This platform enables drone operators, and soon eVTOL pilots as well, to request and pay for operations digitally through the heliport’s airspace with the touch of a button.

Starting today, Approval Services, which was described on its launch by Aviation Minister Baroness Vere as, ‘a key step to [the UK] achieving its ambitious outcomes we are setting through the Future of Flight Industry Group’, provides drone operators with the ability to quickly and securely submit flight plans within The London Heliport’s FRZ, in addition to facilitating charges put in place by the heliport when a flight is approved.

Altitude Angel has previously been providing The London Heliport with a combined view…