Events this week in Ukraine have demonstrated the nation’s increasing commitment to small, quasi-consumer-grade first-person view drones (FPV) as vital assets in the nation’s battle to defeat invading Russian forces.

Though Ukraine’s building, adaptation, and effective deployment of many kinds of consumer, enterprise, and military-designed UAVs have been well documented, recent developments indicate just how important the focus on relatively inexpensive FPV deployment has become. 

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Adjacent to President Volodymyr Zelenskyy urging the urgency of drone production to the country’s defense, a new campaign was launched to collect funds for 10,000 new FPV vehicles and onboard munitions.

That latter development came with the Ukraine’s Come Back Alive charitable foundation joining UNITED25 to solicit UAH230 million ($6.1 million) in financing buy 10,000 FPV drones and…