Weekly UAS News Update: Highlights and Key Takeaways

Welcome to this week’s UAS news update. We have four important stories to discuss, touching on everything from new technology rollouts to the shifting strategies of major players in the drone market.

1. Aloft’s New Multi-view Livestream Feature

The first on our list is about Aloft, a company renowned for their “Air Control” feature. They’ve recently overhauled their live streaming system for enterprise customers. This latest update facilitates multi-view streaming of drone feeds, making it easier for teams to collaborate. Additionally, a live map interface enables users to pinpoint the location of ongoing operations. An intriguing aspect of this update is the shareable link, which allows video content to be disseminated outside the user’s organization. We’ll be evaluating this new feature in the coming weeks and will provide a detailed review soon.



Source: dronexl.co