DJI has released the teaser for a new drone launch event scheduled to take place in China on August 16, 2023. The world’s largest consumer drone maker looks set to officially enter the delivery and logistics segment with its latest product.

Rumors of a DJI delivery drone have been doing the rounds for a few weeks. But the tech giant has shared the official launch date only now.

dji delivery drone

The teaser trailer clearly shows a large quadcopter carrying a DJI-branded delivery box. It can also be observed that the drone is outfitted with an RTK module, which would help to navigate the aircraft with absolute precision.

dji delivery drone

But why is DJI launching this drone only in China and not in North America?

While DJI enjoys the lion’s share of the consumer drone market pie in the US and Canada, the company has often struggled to get its specialty products off the ground in these countries.

DJI’s Agras line of agricultural drones, for instance, was already…