Four years after releasing the Skydio 2, a drone famed for its unique autonomous object tracking and advanced cinematic features like KeyFrame, Skydio has announced a halt in selling drones to consumers.

Skydio’s CEO, Adam Bry, stated in a press release that the company’s focus is now on institutional and commercial customers.

A Sky Full of Opportunities

While Skydio’s drones have been popular among consumers for capturing breathtaking photos and videos during activities like cycling, climbing, and skiing, they’re equally sought-after in professional sectors. Industries ranging from public safety, transport, energy, construction, and defense have seen these aerial devices’ potential.

CEO Adam Bry pointed out, “While Skydio 2 has been an incredible success in enabling new kinds of content capture, Skydio drones are also having a transformative impact for over 1,500 enterprise and public sector customers, putting sensors in dangerous and important places to perform…