Over the tranquil waves off Flagler Beach, Florida, a drone piloted by Joseph Osborne captured a stirring sight: lifeguards hastily forming a human chain to aid a boogie boarder pulled out by the currents.

Joseph, a Palm Coast local and tattoo artist, was simply out enjoying his drone’s aerial perspective. Stumbling upon the rescue, he remarked to USA TODAY, “I just thought it was neat.” As it turns out, many echoed his sentiments. Once uploaded, the video took social media by storm, with viewers captivated by the spontaneous display of teamwork.

Drone Captures Rescue In Action

The footage reveals lifeguards, each armed with orange buoys, meticulously creating a human tether to the boogie boarder, who had been whisked too far by the ocean’s pull. Contrary to some perceptions, the individual wasn’t drowning, but found himself unable to swim back.

Tom Gillin, the Ocean Rescue Director for Flagler Beach, clarified, “He wasn’t actually drowning. He couldn’t get…


Source: dronexl.co