In an unexpected twist at Rockaway Beach in New York, a 50-year-old woman faced a gruesome shark encounter Monday evening. Authorities have reported that the incident occurred near Beach 59th Street just before 6 p.m., marking this as the first known shark bite at this particular beach in recent times.

Quick to act, lifeguards raced towards the distressed swimmer. They successfully pulled her out and promptly administered first aid. Eyewitnesses described the scene as harrowing, as her leg bled heavily. The rescuers, realizing the severity of the situation, applied a tourniquet to stem the bleeding. Officials later confirmed her critical condition as she was rushed to Jamaica Hospital.

In The Aftermath Of This Unsettling Event, The Nypd's Technical Assistance Response Unit (Taru) Took To The Skies, Deploying Drones To Surveil The Area. The Same Surveillance Measures Are Expected To Continue With Both The Nypd And The Fdny Involved.

Ensuring public safety, other beach-goers were immediately instructed to vacate the waters. While the NYPD conducted a comprehensive aerial search for the suspected shark, their efforts yielded no sightings.

Reiterating the rarity of such incidents, the city Parks Department…