Today, a buzz swept through the drone community. A video surfaced on Twitter, allegedly showcasing DJI’s upcoming Mini 4 drone.

The clip, shared by long-time DJI leaker Igor Bogdanov, a.k.a. Quadro_News, hints at the latest successor in DJI’s mini drone lineup.

The footage features what appears to be a DJI employee maneuvering the drone with a laptop and charging cord nearby.

At first glance, the rumored DJI Mini 4 bears a striking resemblance to its predecessor, the DJI Mini 3.

The overall appearance of the rumored DJI Mini 4 does not seem to be very different from the current model, as the video suggests.

However, insiders anticipate significant internal enhancements such as improved flight duration, superior obstacle evasion, and advanced photo and video capabilities.

There’s also a chance the Mini 4 might incorporate DJI’s newest transmission technology, OcuSync 4 or 04, initially unveiled with the DJI Air 3.

Given that the DJI Mini 3 Pro graced the…