Every single shot you’ll see in this video, including all these right now, was recorded on the DJI Air 3 in Active Track mode, meaning it was in fully autonomous tracking mode. I’ve been using it over the past month or so, so I have a good sense of where it excels and where it struggles, especially with trees, shrubs, flowers, and more. However, I will show you how to achieve these sorts of shots, no matter where you live in the world, and how to prevent mishaps. With that introduction, let’s dive right in. Starting off with the aircraft itself.

This is the DJI Air 3. It has undergone several significant hardware changes that make it particularly intriguing for Active Track scenarios. By definition, Active Track means the drone is following me fully autonomously, though I do have one of its controllers with me.

The first thing to note about Active Track is that it utilizes the new obstacle avoidance sensors….


Source: dronexl.co