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John emil hernandez, CC BY-SA 4.0

FAA Updates Fact Sheet on State and Local Drone Regulation

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Since before the passage of Part 107 in 2016, regularizing commercial drone use in the United States, state and local laws – sometimes in conflict with FAA regulations – have developed.  This issue is sometimes discussed as Drone Federalism, such as the failed “Drone Federalism Act of 2017,” or as FAA Preemption, which is the concept that the FAA rules the airspace from the ground up.  Former FAA Administrator Michael Huerta warned against the proliferation of state and local drone laws, saying that a “patchwork quilt” of regulations across the U.S. would only create confusion, limiting the commercial industry and not enhancing safety.

In 2015, the FAA published a “Fact Sheet” to state and local governments (since removed from the FAA website.)  In that Fact Sheet, the FAA emphasized their position that airspace…