Remote ID Pierce Aerospace DRONERESPONDERS

C. Todd of AIRT, A. Pierce of Pierce Aerospace, C. Werner of DRONERESPONDERS

Pierce Aerospace and DRONERESPONDERS Announce Public Safety Remote ID Working Group

The final date for implementation of the Remote ID rule is rapidly approaching.  As of September, all pilots will be responsible for complying with the law.  Recreational flyers may either equip their aircraft with a Remote ID compliant transmitter, or fly in FAA-designated areas.  All commercial pilots – including public safety professionals – must ensure that their aircraft meets Remote ID requirements.

Public safety is on the front line of Remote ID.  Public safety drone programs must comply with the laws – and try to take advantage of the technology to provide transparency about drone operations and better protect communities from bad actors.  As Remote ID regulations roll out for the first time, public safety agencies across the country will experience the technology from a wide variety of…