Today we’re checking out the latest from DJI, the Osmo Action 4 – and there are some impressive but familiar features here but also some things that I kind of thought would have been ironed out by the fourth generation of this camera. Let’s dive in and check it out.

DJI Osmo Action 4: Overview

Just looking at the spec sheet, there really aren’t many new and notable features with Action 4 over the previous generation. All of the main features like shooting at 4K120fps, front, and back touchscreens, and a quick-release mount and cage for easy vertical mounting are all features found on the Action 3.

That being, said there still are a lot of great features about this camera. 4k at 120fps makes slow-motion a breeze. The microphone worked great for knocking out wind noise when I was riding my motorcycle at 50 mph. 

Just like earlier generations, the Action 4 has DJI’s HorizonSteady mode that keeps the camera level when it starts to tilt left and right…