BetaFPV Pavo Pico

The BETAFPV Pavo Pico is a micro-class CineWhoop-style flying platform intended for DJI O3, Walksnail Avatar, and Caddx Vista FPV systems. BetaFPV sent out a couple of PAVO PICO kits for evaluation a few months before the official release. FPV enthusiasts across the globe gave their feedback about what improvements should be made to be a close-to-perfect product.

A micro CineWhoop is a small, lightweight FPV drone designed for indoor and outdoor flight. Its defining characteristic is incorporating a protective 360° frame, which enhances durability and allows the drone to fly safely around people and objects. This feature makes them ideal for capturing cinematic footage in tight spaces and dynamic environments.

When I showed a friend some photos of my PAVO PICO O3, he said it looked like a rickety DJI AVATA. Somehow he’s right. It is a flying O3 AU camera with the minimum parts around it.

CineWhoop for DJI O3 Air Unit

BETAFPV Pavo Pico hands-on review

Disclosure: I received this…